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How Quickly Can You Get Fit?

(It isn't as long as you think)

Getting fit doesn't take as long as you might think.

There's 3 main areas of fitness that are important for day to day life:

You want a healthy level of body fat.

You want a resting pulse rate of around 70 beats per minute and blood pressure of around 120/80.

And last, strength and flexibility. You don't need to be a contortionist, but you want enough of both to keep your joints pain free. Tight leg muscles and weak core muscles contribute to lower back pain. Increasing your strength and flexibility in those areas has helped many clients overcome back pain.

Oh, and being stronger will make you firmer and more toned. The clients I have don't seem to mind that side effect either.

How long does it take?

A healthy, sustainable rate of weight loss is 1 – 2 pounds per week.

When I've lost weight I've been able to lose a stone in 7 weeks. This client lost over 4 stone in 8 months.

Your resting pulse and blood pressure will come down after a few weeks of training and exercise. The client who lost 4 stone saw his blood pressure come down from 150/70 to 130/60 in 5 months of training.

Flexibility takes a few weeks of regular stretching to see a noticeable improvement.

Strength improves quickly too. After just 16 sessions this client had a great improvement in posture as his back and core muscles became stronger.

I can't show you any pictures of somebody having less back pain, but I can tell you what one client said after 4 months of training twice a week:

I have suffered from terrible back pain for the last few years which has almost all vanished. This is due to James aiding me through the correct form and pushing me to develop stronger back muscles. I used to see a chiropractor but training with James has helped more, and made me feel stronger, more confident and given me a better body. He's also cheaper too.

After four months of training twice a week he could squat 100 kg and deadlift 117 kg – not bad going for a guy who just a few months before, couldn't stand up for too long without his back hurting the next day.

All this is what you can hope to achieve in the first few months of training once or twice a week.

Looking further down the line, between 6 months and 2 years you can expect to see progress like this.

The last picture is me. In 2013 I had cancer. When I recovered I turned a passion into a career and became a trainer.

By working freelance, instead of in a gym I can keep the costs a lot lower than other trainers, who charge £30 or £40 for a session, as opposed to the £15 or £20 that I cost for a daytime or evening/weekend session.

This surprises a lot of clients, who think that personal training is just too expensive to have often enough to see any results from it.

Actually, you can have training once or twice a week – enough to see really great results – and be noticeably fitter, stronger and better looking, in just a few weeks or months time, at a cost that isn't going to break the bank.

You can book in for a free consultation where we meet and discuss what personal training can do for you, and how it can help you achieve the things you want to with your body.

Get in contact by phone, email or through Facebook.

Details in the description below.

£20 evenings and weekends

£15 daytime (8am – 5pm)

Prices for ongoing sessions, unless promotional discount is offered.

Phone/text – 07749 725 488 Email –

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