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Sports Massage

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Everyday Pain

Everyday Pain

To your muscles, it makes no difference whether you're training hard in the gym, or performing the same motions over and over in daily life.

Tired muscles become tight and sore.

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Working at a desk, driving for long periods and performing manual labour can all lead to muscle tightness and, subsequently, pain.

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'My upper back goes tight and painful from sitting in a slouched position. I didn't realise sports massage was just the thing it needed!'

- Naomi Rich, massage customer

While these may be the most common causes, any activity done repetitively will have the same effect.

It's not only the obvious areas, such as the back and neck, that suffer either.

Pain in the front of the shoulders is common from steering wheel and mouse work, and the legs are prone to tightness from operating the pedals of cars, to name but a few.

If you, or someone you know, suffer from frequent aches in any area that you regularly use, but has no obvious cause, then sports massage may be as useful to you as to an avid exerciser.

If you're unsure if massage would help, try the 'Would Massage Help My Pain?' form below.


You'll receive a free reply, with no obligation to buy, detailing how well your pain would respond to massage.

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While sports massage has many targetted techniques, it can also be performed for relaxation, too.


Just looking to unwind?


Try sports massage!

Relaxation massage can be performed on its own for the whole session, or added onto a sports massage treatment.



Whether it's training, playing competitively or hitting the gym, it all takes its toll on the body!

Not only do tired muscles go tight, but injuries - even minor ones like strains - can cause muscles to go into protective spasm.

Sometimes, the healing process doesn't resolve correctly, leading to an ongoing cycle of spasms and inflammation that exacerbate one another, and leads to the creation of chronic, niggling injuries.

Even once the healing process is complete, scar tissue, and more minor damage to the layers of the connective fascia between muscles, can cause muscles to stick and not move smoothly. 

These types of dysfuction are what sports massage therapy was created to treat.

Not only am I able to work with these dysfunctions, but as an experienced personal trainer, I'm able to design programmes to strengthen weakened areas, helping correct the healing process, and provide the strength and stamina prevent re-injury and further pain.

'While having sports massage for my legs, I always book some of each session at the end for relaxation'


- Miriam C, massage customer

Strength and Recovery

Sometimes, massage alone is all that's needed.


Sometimes, the affected area needs increased strengthening and stamina to cope with the demands that caused it to tighten up initially.

As an experienced personal trainer, I'm able to provide strengthening programmes to prevent recurrences of pain as part of the package of care that comes with massage sessions.

About James

Check out the 'About Me' section to find out more about me, including how I overcame cancer.

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Could Massage Help My Pain?

Unsure what massage will do?

Try this form and you'll receive a reply detailing how likely massage would be to help your pain and why.

You will only be contacted regarding this form, and your information won't be passed on to third parties.

Want to get straight in touch? See 'Book Now' below.

Has the affected area ever been injured?

Muscles may tighten due to injury, and may also develop scar tissue. Even though the injury has healed, pain may persist due to this tightness and scarring, which can be released with massage.

Is your pain made worse by exercise or use of the body part?

Muscle pain often dies down when not in use - and increases quickly when used!

Do you have to perform the same motion (sitting, driving, lifting etc) for long periods using the affected area?

Frequent, repetitive use is a big predictor of muscle pain. This responds well to pressure based massage.

Do light stretches quickly become tight and restricted as you lean into them?

Leaning into a stretch on tight muscles very quickly hits its limit. If an arm or leg is tight, see if it feels the same on the opposite, unaffected side.

Do the muscles in the affected area feel hard or firm, even when relaxed?

Firmness while relaxed is a strong indicator that muscle tightness is present. This tends to release far slower on its own than with pressure being applied.

Do any other areas of your body cause you pain, or require you to alter your posture?

Pain in one area, for example the ankle, can lead to altered posture and pain in the knee, hip and back. Muscle imbalance and overuse can result from this.

Please describe the history of the area, especially as it relates to the questions above (tightness, history of pain/injury, repetitive use etc).

The more detail you give the more accurate the reply can be.

Thanks for submitting!

Could Massage Help My Pain?


There's no sign up fee or membership, and you don't need to book in bulk. Just straight forwards pay-as-you go sessions.

A discount on sports massage is available for regular personal training clients.


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All prices above include the call out fee. The price you see is all you'll pay.

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Area Covered

I operate out of Leonard House, close to Tamworth Castle and just off the A5, as shown on the map below, providing easy access for anyone from Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Walmley, Middleton and surrounding areas.




















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