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'I've lost 9 pounds and three inches off my waist'




Amy Hollis

9lbs weight loss and 3 inches off waist in 3 months

'I’m very careful about pictures of me online because of how much weight I gained in the last few years. I’ve been completely embarrassed of letting myself go so far in the wrong direction.


However, at the end of August I took the bull by the horns and found a new personal trainer to help me get back on track. Very proud that in three months I’ve lost 9 pounds, three inches off my waist and more importantly my core is stronger, I can walk further and I feel like I’m getting back to myself!

If anyone in the Midlands is looking for a personal trainer to help them get fitter I can totally recommend James.'

'I lost 5 stone in nine months'




Liam Hunter


5 stone fat loss, significant muscle gain, blood pressure decrease


'In February 2015 I weighed 18 stone, and so I began training with James three times a week. I cut out all of the junk food and we found some healthy things that I liked instead.


By October I'd lost 5 stone. I gained a noticeable amount of muscle, and went on to complete a 10km run. My blood pressure had dropped as well, from 149/68 to 130/61.'




For a taste of the training and fitness knowledge you gain from working with personal trainer James Titchen, have a look at the posts and videos in the Home Fit and Healthy Blog!

  'I've made more progress than anyone I ever did on my own'



Richard Malin


1 stone and 12 pounds fat loss, increased muscle mass, decreased muscle tightness


'I was very skinny in my teens and then in my twenties I put on weight. I heard that James was a really good personal trainer in Sutton Coldfield and gave him a go.


I liked that James knew about building muscle on a smaller frame and how I could lose weight without it being too hard.


I've built more muscle than I managed on my own, and have  lost almost two stone of fat. I'm a lot more flexible thanks to the stretching so my joints don't feel as tight and restricted as they used to. Despite knee and back problems in the past I've lifted over 10 0kg.'



Photo courtesy WWE

Pete Dunne


Professional wrestler, WWE UK Champion

'I've consulted with James many times for his skills and expertise. James always gives really good advice on technique and on ways to improve my form and to get bigger and stronger.'



'In eight weeks I've built more muscle than in the last eight months'




James Connolly


Increased muscle mass


'I'd gone to the gym for years, but hadn't built any new muscle for a long time and wasn't losing weight.


James explained the science muscle building, what different rep ranges do and how I needed to train in different ways to keep getting bigger. We worked on my diet and came up with a meal plan to lose weight and get plenty of protein.


After following the training James gave me my chest and arms are already getting more size on them and I've dropped several inches off my waist. I've built more muscle in the past eight weeks than in the last eight years.'


'My back pain has almost all vanished'


Sam Wegrzynowski


Greatly increased strength and reduced back pain


'I've trained at home with various cardio workout routines to gain a strong core and increase my energy levels, however I never had access to the strength equipment and wanted to get stronger.


I started training with James in November 2016. It was useful getting to use all of his equipment each session and I could get a whole body workout done much faster than in a gym, I prefer the one-to-one tuition which has allowed me to craft my form on each exercise The times with James allows me to work at my rate and not lose precious workout time waiting for machines or getting distracted at a gym.


After four months I can deadlift 117kg, bench 80kg, squat 100kg and overhead press 55kg which pushes me to do even more.


I have suffered from terrible back pain for the last few years which has almost all vanished this is due to James aiding me through the correct form and pushing me to develop stronger back muscles. I used to see a chiropractor but training with James has helped more, and made me feel stronger, more confident and given me a better body. He's also cheaper too.


Overall I will recommend James and have done, for anyone who is looking to build muscle, lose weight or reach their own personal goals. He has a vast knowledge of healthy living and I only wished I had started sooner, each session is a challenge but overcoming the goals is leading to my own personal success.'


'After overcoming cancer I wanted to help others'




James Titchen


Increased strength, endurance and flexibility after being treated for cancer


'Yep, that's me.

In August 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer. After six months of chemotherapy and operations I was cured, but it was not an easy six months!

Getting back into shape wasn't easy. For the first year I couldn't do any exercise without ending up bed bound for weeks. Slowly I built my stamina back up with jogging, before transitioning back to strength training as well. Since then I've run a 15km obstacle course, bench pressed 115kg and deadlifted 160kg.

In 2014 I became a personal trainer, combining my love of fitness with a desire to help others, and created Home Fit and Healthy Personal Training to help people in and around where I live in Sutton Coldfield.


Prior to my illness I had experience of caring for the elderly. While rewarding, it's heartbreaking to see people at a point in their lives where there's only so much you can do for them. It means a great deal to me that I now have a job where I get to make people fitter, happier, healthier and add years onto their lives!'





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