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Initial Consultation - free


Call or email to arrange a face to face consultation free of charge.


Go to the Get In Touch page to try the free Taster Consultation form and get advice online about what kind of training would help you achieve your goals.

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Personal Training Sessions

5pm - 9pm weekdays

All day weekends

8am - 5pm weekdays

Cost per session (£)



Time of


Call Out Fee


​Mobile sessions (eg at your home) cost an additional £5 call out fee on top of the prices shown here. Must be within an approximately 5 mile radius of Tamworth Town Centre (eg Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield etc).

Joint Sessions


Have a friend or relative that you'd like to train with? Want to split the cost?

As long as your training goals are similar enough to mostly require the same set up of equipment, joint sessions, with two people training at once, are available at the same price as regular sessions.

Sports Massage


Please see the Sports Massage page for details of massage pricing.

Regular personal training clients also receive a discount on sports massage sessions.

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