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Welcome to Home Fit and Healthy

Welcome to Home Fit and Healthy

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While the pandemic has waned, precautions are still being taken to protect against COVID.:


  • All equipment is cleaned with disinfectant before each session.

  • In each session I will be wearing a protective face mask if requested.

  • In June 2021 I received my second dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, and the booster in November 2021.

Training in a one-on-one environment, free of other gym users, provides much greater safety than training in a busy gym environment.

There are no fixed contracts, just pay-as-you-go, so you needn't worry about being locked into a membership should another lockdown happen (and we're all hoping it doesn't!).

Sutton Coldfield personal trainer with coronavirus vaccine background


There are three big advantages over a commercial gym:


Firstly, all of the equipment is at your disposal.


There are some great routines that allow you to perform cardio and build muscle or tone up at the same time, or just to burn the fat in a more varied way than with a treadmill or exercise bike, but these require a high tempo to your work out.


This means hogging many pieces of equipment to yourself so that you can hop straight from one to the next. That's not a great way to make friends at a gym!


However, at a gym that's all yours for the session you can do these great fat burner and muscle building routines.


Secondly, it's just you! No super toned gym fanatics bouncing around, no hulking brutes lurking in the weights section. If you've always wanted to try a gym but are put off by the thought of other gym goers then this is the option for you. With the addition of the new gym facilities shown in the video 'Welcome to Home Fit and Healthy' at the top of the page and in images across the site, there are more training options than ever.


Thirdly, all of the equipment can be fully disinfected before each session, giving you peace of mind during the coronavirus pandemic.

To see where abouts in Tamworth I'm based, see 'Area Covered' below for more information. Being just off the A5 makes it easy for anyone from Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, and Lichfield to get here.

Learn As You Go

With all the information (and misinformation) out there about fitness it can be hard to know what will get results from what won't.


Even once you've started it can be easy to pick up injuries through poor technique, overtraining, or just sticking on the same routine for too long. And, while fitness classes offer a lot in terms of exercise, they give very little in terms of training knowledge and information, leaving you forever dependent on others for exercise routines.


With personal training there's a professional set of eyes on hand at all times to teach the correct form and technique, preventing injuries before they have a chance to happen. Also, unlike classes, you learn as you go. The methods and theory behind the routines and work outs are taught and explained, teaching you to ultimately be able to train yourself, making personal training a great investment for life in your health and fitness.

For a taste of the kind of information you learn by working with a personal trainer check out the Tips, Info and Recipes page. The posts and videos are full of useful tips on training and nutrition.