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Personal Trainer in Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield

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Welcome to Home Fit and Healthy

Welcome to Home Fit and Healthy

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Personal Training


Train in a fully equipped, private gym where you are the only client! (Or with a friend or relative – see 'Pairs Sessions', below).


Not only do you get full privacy, but this also allows us to gear the training completely around what you need, and not just what's available at the time.

There are great routines that allow you to perform cardio and build muscle or tone up at the same time, or to burn the fat in a more varied way than a treadmill or exercise bike, but these require a high tempo to your work out.


This means hogging many pieces of equipment to yourself so that you can hop straight from one to the next. Not a great way to make friends at a gym!


However, at a gym that's all yours for the session you can do these great fat burner and muscle building routines, or perform a muscle building session as quickly and effectively as possible.

Personal training session with client in their Tamworth home.jpg

Pairs Sessions


If you have a friend or relative you wish to train with, why not train together?


Personal training works well in a pairs format. It's still possible to provide personalised, bespoke training based on the needs of each individual, and monitor both appropriately. My gym provides enough space and equipment to do this.


I've trained husbands and wives, parents and children (must be 15 years +), siblings and friends.


At £45 per session, it works out at personal training for just over £20 each, providing better value than other trainers are able to offer.

Personalised to Your Needs


All training is geared around your fitness goals, preferences, injuries and medical needs.


If you're looking to tone up, lose weight, build muscle or train for a sport or event then sessions are tailored specifically around this, as opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach of classes.

Injuries and ailments are factored in, whether it be a current injury that you're rehabbing, a medical condition, or the minor aches and pains that pop up from time to time.


Being qualified in level 4 sports massage, I'm able to work on injury rehab, and help with common issues such as back pain. I've helped with issues ranging from sprains and strains, to torn ligaments, damaged cartilage and even ataxia (balance impairment).


See 'Sports Massage' below, and on its own page here.

Poss 7_edited_edited.jpg


While exercise creates a firm, toned body and helps to burn fat, the food you eat is crucial, whether you're looking to drop a dress size or add some muscle.

Alongside exercise training, clients are also given nutritional advice and personalised plans, depending on their goals and, crucially, their own preference.


For those whole like a very precise approach, we do a specific breakdown of macronutrients and a detailed meal plan.


For those who like more flexibility, we use broader goals, based on altering their existing eating habits, allowing you to lose weight, but without being as restrictive as other plans can be.

Head over to 'Success Stories' to see some of the weight loss successes of clients.

Nutritional advice alongside personal training in Sutton Coldfield

Injuries & Rehab

Being qualified in level 4 sports massage (see below, and on its own page, here), I'm able to work with various injuries.

One good example is Andy, pictured here, who suffered several injuries and health issues.

In 2021, Andy began training, having had a strain to his shoulder that made it difficult to raise his arm over head.

In January 2022, Andy was admitted to hospital with myocarditis - inflammation of the heart.


Following this, Andy suffered a complete rupture of the Achilles tendon of his right foot.

Through cardio conditioning for his heart, strength training for his shoulder and Achilles, and plenty of sports massage, Andy is now fitter than before.

His once injured shoulder has bench pressed 82.5kg. His Achilles is now strong enough to run 5km Park Runs twice a week. His heart is in great condition and has been discharged from medical supervision.


Sports Massage


I also offer sports massage.

Sports massage is not only great for athletes, but for every day aches and pains.

To your muscles, it doesn't matter whether you're training hard in the gym, or performing the same motions over and over again. Tired muscles become sore, tight and, ultimately, painful.

Often, this tightness won't release without the use of pressure.

If you regularly sit in front of a desk, drive for long periods or perform manual labour (to name but a few common causes) and experience aches and pains because of it, then the targeted techniques of sports massage could be what your muscles require.

Of course, if you are an athlete, sports massage can be just what you need to over come painful areas that affect your performance.

Just looking to relax?


A light sports massage can be great for unwinding. The lighter techniques of sports are the same as traditional, Swedish massage.


Sports massage can be performed for an entire session on its own, or added to the end of a regular sports massage session.

Check out the Sports Massage page for more information.

Andy Keane 800 x 521pxls.jpg
Sports massage session

Motivation and Support

Fitness can be rewarding, but it isn't always easy. Having had cancer, (more about that in 'About Me') and having battled to regain my fitness, I know what it's like to feel like you're fighting an uphill struggle.


A personal trainer isn't just there for the physical side of exercise. A personal trainer is someone who's faced the same obstacles, and worked with many people in the same situation, both physically and mentally, and helps you know that it can be done.

Keep You Moving Forwards

Your progress is continually assessed to keep things moving forwards, and make changes where needed or as desired.


This is unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of classes, that are great at first, but stop producing progress after the first few weeks, and run into problems when injuries require adjustments to training.


With a personal trainer, you'll still be moving forwards years after starting.

Personal trainer instructing rowing machine in personal training session

Learn As You Go

With all the information (and misinformation) out there about fitness, it can be hard to know what will get results from what won't.


Even once you've started it can be easy to pick up injuries through poor technique, overtraining, or just sticking on the same routine for too long. And, while classes offer a lot in terms of exercise, they give very little in terms of knowledge and information, leaving you dependent on others for exercise routines.


With personal training, there's a professional set of eyes on hand at all times to teach the correct form and technique, preventing injuries before they have a chance to happen.


Also, unlike classes, you learn as you go.


The methods and theory behind the routines and work outs are taught and explained, teaching you to ultimately be able to train yourself, making personal training a great investment for life in your health and fitness.

Instructing a client in their Lichfield home with personal trainer

Better Value Than a Gym


As a freelance personal trainer, there's no additional cost for gym membership - you only pay for the trainer, the gym comes as part of the package!

£5 Off For 5 Offer £35 only 580 x 465 pxls.jpg

What To Expect


The first step is a consultation. This is a friendly chat where we discuss what you hope to get out of training, what your preferences and dislikes are. We also discuss your past history of exercise, any injuries or prior commitments that may prevent certain things, and agree upon what we can do to get you in the shape you want.


A consultation is completely free, and can be conducted anywhere, even over the phone. There's a taster consultation form on the 'Get In Touch' page where you can receive a quick, free consultation to get an idea of what kind of training would work best for you.






Sessions begin with a weigh in and review of how you're getting on with the dietary aspects. If the weight is coming off then great! If not, we look at what we can alter to keep the scales moving.


After that is a warm up to get the blood flowing and the muscles and joints loosened up.


Then the main session itself, where we help you create the body you want.


Finally there's a cool down and stretches.




I'm based in Wilnecote, Tamworth, shown on the map below.
























Operating Hours


8am - 9pm .................... Mon - Sun

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